My philosophy about death

philosophy of deathNow that someone is dead you care? Did you even visit them in the hospital? Now that they are dead you care? How ironic.

You even shed tears and cry but you didn’t even go to see them on their deathbed. You couldn’t? No ride?

Walk, and if you couldn’t because you were afraid of the trouble you would be in because of a higher authority you’re selfish.

The soul is immortal, you only die a physical death.

It’s ironic if someone helped make someone miserable, they died, and then they cry and feel guilty.

People who construct their own demise are selfish in the sense that they didn’t consider the people who do care. If they died to make people feel guilty, they’re selfish. Upon taking their life they wouldn’t want the community they left behind to feel bad, and that is the selfless suicide.

Those who commit selfless suicide are those who are truly alone, sad but true unless you live in a community with an understanding of death. Those communities would never have suicide.

Death stops the learning process you came here for in the first place.

People fear death because they’re afraid of disappearing, no longer existing, despite the fact that our history is based on that very existence.

This is why we have funerals, cemeteries, funeral plots and services like Celestis Memorial Spaceflights. They are there to make you feel you will live longer than you really do.

People respect those who died even though they didn’t achieve anything but creating their own physical death.

What I write is an attempt to stop people from living a life where they are dead. Live life long and hard, and accept lessons brought to you. For learning in your lifetime is a rare opportunity.

Nothing is hopeless, rebel upon being confined for the change of greater good. For those who remain silent about their perspective will forever taste the boot of their oppressors. For you to truly strive for that life, death holds no water.

For those that die because of the actions of others wither their actions be murder or an accident, celebrate for they will be reborn.

Those that pass may have a moment of respect for they wouldn’t want our lives to stop because of the event of their passing.

Do not base life on competition, rather refinement, if you do base your life on competition beware of deaths gaze upon you if you fail the competition you based your life on.

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