Unusual Uses for Empty Plastic Vitamin Bottles

Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder HangerMy daughter and I both take a daily vitamin. It takes a couple of months to empty our plastic vitamin bottles, but when they’re empty I don’t throw them away.

They’re neat little plastic bottles that are far too good to throw away. I save them for craft projects and practical purposes in and around the home.

If you take a vitamin on a daily basis, save the plastic bottles, and give these creative and useful ideas a try!

Squirrel-Proof Birdfeeder Hanger

I love squirrels, but they’re aggressive and they chase away birds. They also devour large amounts of seed while scattering it all over the ground. I provide a separate area for the squirrels to dine on corn and peanuts, and I’ve devised a squirrel-proof birdfeeder so the birds can eat their seed without being chased away.

If you want to prevent squirrels from getting into your birdfeeders, make a handy squirrel-proof birdfeeder hanger using sturdy monofilament (fishing line), and a number of empty plastic vitamin bottles. Birds will be able to land on the containers, but squirrels won’t be able to get to the feeder since the bottles will spin as they try to cross the line. They’ll look like four-legged barrel rollers in little fur coats!

Begin by drilling holes in the tops and bottoms of several empty plastic vitamin bottles. Next, tie two lengths of monofilament to the top of the birdfeeder with the birdfeeder in the center. Thread several empty plastic vitamin bottles onto the monofilament. Make sure it’s high enough off the ground so the line doesn’t pose a danger to animals or humans. It won’t be long before the squirrels become frustrated and go back to their own feeder!

Toy Instruments

Small children and babies love noise makers, and empty plastic vitamin bottles are perfect for making toy instruments, especially since the lids are childproof and can’t be removed by little hands. Remove the labels, and fill empty vitamin bottles with various items such as pony beads, smalls stones, shells, or dried beans. Each item will make a different sounds, and small kids will absolutely love them.

Make a Decorative Coin Holder

Large plastic vitamin bottles make fantastic coin holders, and they’re great when saving quarters for a rainy day. Remove the label from an empty plastic bottle, and decorate it with puff paint and small craft items such as buttons, sequins, or ribbons. Large plastic vitamin bottles hold more money they you’d think, and they’re perfect for saving yard sale money, change for coffee, or anything else you can think of.

Craft Supply Containers

If you enjoy working on craft projects like I do, you can never have too many storage containers of various sizes. I keep small buttons, sequins, homemade glitter, bracelet clasps, beads, and many other supplies in empty plastic bottles, and vitamin bottles work exceptionally well. I use a labeler to label each bottle so I can tell at a glance whats inside, and everything is well organized and stays in its proper place. Perfect for my adopt a star NASA project!

Fishing Supplies

Fishing supplies such as hooks, leaders, and sinkers fit perfectly inside of empty plastic vitamin bottles. Those who fish dont always want to carry a tackle box. I used to fish off the sides of cliffs and large boulders along the Paint River in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and a small bottle with a lid was just the right size to hold what I needed. This was much easier than hauling a tackle box and a fishing pole while navigating the cliffs.

Seed Containers

I save morning glory seeds, four o’clock seeds, money plant seeds, and marigold seeds every fall, and empty plastic vitamin bottles are ideal for saving them. Wash and thoroughly dry empty vitamin bottles, and when seeds are completely dry, store them in the bottles until spring. Label the bottles so you don’t have to remove the lids to see whats inside, and keep them in a cool dry location until the following season. They’re much sturdier than envelopes, and you wont end up with seeds scattered inside your home.

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